Facebook Ad Sizes And Specifications For 2022

Facebook Ad Sizes And Specifications For 2022

First, the “free trial” callout is the first thing your eyes go to when looking at the image. Second, it clearly mentions the healthy aspects of the goodies in its product. The image shows you exactly what you’re getting, and it calls out the “free trial” CTA well. The “Learn More” CTA on the bottom-right of the ad is a clear invitation to find out more about this product’s usage on Apple hardware. The rainbow colors filling the Monday logo are both eye-catching against the black background and familiar to any Mac user. It’s relevant to me because I was recently scouring jewelry websites, specifically for necklaces like the one in the ad.

The video only lasts nine seconds, but Allbirds demonstrates the product in a way that catches your attention and resonates with the individual wearer. I recently moved to Boston and have been searching for gyms in my area online, so this ad is highly relevant to my recent Facebook and search activity. All consumers really need to see is the boxer pictured above to know what this ad by Boston Sports Clubs is offering. The woman in the photo even looks like she’s staring at the text to her left, getting viewers to shift their attention to the promotion right away. This ad has the option to show directions, making it extremely easy for a college student on the go to follow the walking directions to this market. This image has college pride, a variety of salty and sweet treats, and a well-known logo to attract hungry college students.


Before we get to the Facebook ad examples outlined above, let’s discuss what makes a great Facebook Ad — regardless of the format and template the ad is using. And check out Buffer’s top Facebook advertising tips to help you get started. The results of our Facebook Ad experimentIt might be useful to see how our experience compares to Facebook Ads benchmarks overall. WordStream analyzed the Facebook Ads performance of its 256 US-based clients and came up with many helpful performance benchmarks, such as the following. While the specifics are more complicated, the simple answer is that you will never pay more than you want to spend. From here, you can choose your page from your linked accounts and pick the post you want to use as your ad.

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On the ad, they do a great job of asking a simple question up top. Then in the image and in the headline below, they show why the Field Guide helps counter that question. Another thing they notably control for is making sure you know where you’re landing. Since this ad points to a landing page (doubleyoursales.com) rather than Digital Marketer’s site, it’s identified above the headline. This ad doesn’t directly identify what CallRail does, so it’s likely being used in a retargeting capacity. It is clear that by clicking the ad, you’ll be able to schedule a “free demo” that’s “personalized” — two major wants of SaaS customers.

Qual A Estrutura De Uma Campanha Do Facebook Ads?

Remember the days when blogging was as easy as coming up with a topic idea, finding relevant keywords, and then publishing and promoting your blog? Gimlet is a podcast network — and their approach to advertising on Facebook is more of giving potential listeners a behind the scenes view of their show. This ad shows photos of Alex Blumberg, Gimlet’s founder and host, interviewing a guest for a new show. The ad is human, conversational, and makes you want to check out the podcast if anything in the copy seems interesting to you.

The ads allow users to take selfies with the filter and share them on their own channels. Augmented reality ads use features like filters and animation to allow people to interact with your brand. This reminds the potential customer to complete the purchase, and can be a very effective Facebook marketing strategy. You can also link a few Instant Experiences together so people have access to even more instant mobile content. The free resource includes key audience insights, recommended ad types, and tips for success. If you’re looking for a tool to help you increase the conversion rate on your pages, and consequently lower your CPAs, take a look at Proof’s software.

With this approach, Canva is showing you what awaits if you start using their service. Illustrations seem to be all the rage for software companies these days! And it’s for good reason — it adds a bit of humanity and playfulness to an otherwise dry marketing conversation.

It’s hard to say what ad works better — but if you’re in the position where you have facebook adds blog fbrainmaker.com to ask, it might be worth running two iterations — one ad with a cartoon, one with a human. This ad from Care/of is another great example of a direct-to-consumer brand using a customer’s quote to market a product. Be cautious with the technique, it works for some brands, but for others, it can be a waste of time and money.

While the ad from Tecovas is a quick message that pops across your Facebook News Feed, but if you’re like us, you’ll be itching to click. This ad proves the absurdity but necessity of customer quotes. It’s unclear who says they are “super soft” but we can assume it was a customer or a review posted online.

Every time you try something new, you should test it against your previous ads so you can see whether you’re making improvements to the metrics that matter most to you. We’ve also got a set of 16 free Facebook ad templates you can use to create your ads in just a few minutes. Use the preview tool at the right of the page to make sure your ad looks good for all potential placements. When you’re happy with your choices, click the green Publish button to launch your ad. These estimates will be more accurate if you have run campaigns before, since Facebook will have more data to work with.

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